Allen Callaci - Heart Like A Starfish Book (Memoir From Refrigerator Lead Singer)

Allen Callaci - Heart Like A Starfish Book (Memoir From Refrigerator Lead Singer)

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Allen Callaci is a librarian, rock and roll singer (for the band Refrigerator), and heart transplant recipient. Heart Like a Starfish is his account of that death-defying journey and the healing that follows for both himself and those around him. With illustrations by the author and beautiful cover art by AMY MALOOF, this wonderfully chaotic tale is told in a non-linear style that manages to convey the frenetic events and emotions while still embracing the strength and care and security all around. A portion of the proceeds of the book will be donated to Cedars-Sinai Heart Research Institute where the procedure was performed.

Includes an offer to download a 3-song EP featuring the songs "Heart Like a Starfish," "Lonesome Surprise" (featuring John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats), and "Be Positive."

“A true hero’s journey, Callaci’s memoir is layered with symbols along the path to help guide the narrator and reader. A dry, Han Solo-like humor helps us get through the heartbreak. And like a Shakespearean dream, we awaken at the end with newfound joy, cherishing this wonderful life.”KEVIN GLAVIN, AUTHOR OF ROCK STAR’S RAINBOW AND ALL THE THINGS YOU’LL DO!

“For any generation... An astonishing story about how close life is to death. Written in a relatable style...Existential...using street language...Callaci's true story is heartfelt!!”CLAUDIA LENNEAR, FEATURED BACKUP SINGER IN THE ACADEMY AWARD WINNING DOCUMENTARY 20 FEET FROM STARDOM