Annelies Monsere - Helder CD

Annelies Monsere - Helder CD

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This is my debut album. I had just 'discovered' my singing voice. The songs are recorded in a straightforward fashion.

1, 3, 4, 5 and 12 were recorded in Ingelmunster, Belgium, during the summer of 2002. The rest was recorded in Hilversum, The Netherlands, spring 2003- spring 2004.

Michael Anderson of BlueSanct wrote: "Annelies's music is singular. It is genrally one isntrument; piano, cello, guitar, or melodica. Sometimes there is only voice. [...] Like the other artists on Buesanct and within Day2 Alliance, she is a card-carrying member of romance, whose songs are expression of love and hope and all the pain and fright that somes with trusting another person. [...]"

It was released by Bluesanct.