Craig Bell - aka Darwin Layne LP

Craig Bell - aka Darwin Layne LP

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"It very much recalls the type of proto-punk that RFTT helped pioneer, and some songs hearken back to an era even earlier than that, with hints of The Stooges (“Muckraker,” “You Be You”) and The Velvet Underground (“How Can I Tell You”)." - BrooklynVegan

"Muckraker” is perfect for riding your clay-wheeled longboard through town with a big can of spray-paint in your hand." - Yellow Green Red

"Fan of Hackamore Brick, the third Velvet Underground record, or any of that Paisley Underground shit will eat this up like I'm doing right now." Brace Belden, Maximum Rock 'n Roll

" impressive number of bona fide hits here with big, unapologetic hooks." - MF, Casting Couch

"...he wrote some of the best post-Loaded lonely heart
 stoppers since Hackamore Brick for his Connecticut based bands of the late 70′s and 80′s, many of which are included in this first ever long playing vinyl comp as leader of Saucers, the Bell System and others. It’s an amazing body of work..." - Fuckin' Record Reviews