Culxr House - Freedom Summer (Ltd Green Vinyl) LP

Culxr House - Freedom Summer (Ltd Green Vinyl) LP

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On July 30th, Saddle Creek will release a bold new project in the form of Culxr House:Freedom Summer, a collaborative project showcasing a host of talent from Omaha, Nebraska, all of whom are tied to Culxr House: an innovative community hub based in the city that focuses on providing artists and creatives a safe space to grow their talent and obtain access to resources necessary to turn their art into economic opportunities. Culxr House exists to bridge both social and economic gaps through the cultivation of talent and artistry within the inner city.

Culxr House also served as a nerve center for the protests carried out in Omaha beginning in the summer of 2020, aka, Freedom Summer. The Culxr House family helped to pull people together, inspiring the community to talk about what needed to happen in order to evoke both global and local change. The collective family that are showcased on the new album ~ and the songs they created ~ grew from both those meetings and the venue’s open mic nights. The finished album is proof of the magic that can grow from collaboration and from instigating the bonds of community when it’s most needed.

A wholly important release in its own right, the record is also a reflection of the strength found in Omaha’s culture and community. Available digitally and via a limited edition vinyl run, 50% of the album’s profits will be shared between the artists involved, with the other 50% donated directly to the Culxr House venue that brought this project to life.

Release Date: July 30th, 2021


1. Inherit the Earth - Marcey Yates and Xoboi
2. BUTFL DCY - Xoboi, Marcey Yates, Beautiful Day, and J. Crum
3. Shitte Dae - Marcey Yates, Xoboi, and JaKeen Fox
4. Believer - Keives and VERZE
5. Fruit SNX - Marcey Yates, Xoboi, and Conny Franko
6. Stay Sleep - Dex Arbor and Rial Kell
7. Walky Tawky - Come Back Sandy, Sauce Gawd, and Corro Corleone
8. Ghost Town District - Marcey Yates, Xoboi, and Mars Black
9. BLKDOUT - Marcey Yates, JaKeen Fox, and Xoboi
10. Mona Lisa - Xoboi and Marcey Yates
11. F'rari Tawk - Marcey Yates, Xoboi, and Buddi3 Da Gawd