Dennis Callaci & Heimito Kunst - First Light LP (Pre-Order)

Dennis Callaci & Heimito Kunst - First Light LP (Pre-Order)

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This is a PREORDER, will be shipping before the release date of June 28th, 2024.

Heimito Kunst has issued two releases of outré releases that utilize synthesizers, church organs, bells, contact mics and found sound to create sheets of incredibly listenable and addictive works of instrumental music. The odd alto vocal here or guitar there are used to punctuate the dramatics for his 2021 CD on Dissipatio and his 2022 Shrimper release, both of which are out of print. Kunst is part of a new collective of music makers in Italy that are forward looking, untethered to laptops to generate sound.

Dennis Callaci is in the band Refrigerator and has issued a number of solo recordings as well as collaborative records with Simon Joyner and John Davis among others over the last thirty-five years. This record features music written and performed by Kunst with Callaci's lyrics and vocals. These songs might be spotted wafting in the ether of Camberwell Now, Xpressway cassettes, E. Lonnie Methe viola or maybe Romy Scheider's perfume in the 1980 film Death Watch. The vocals, vulnerable and emotive are layered over in-the-red synths, pulsating rhythms and ghostly piano lines.

Callaci and Kunst will be doing European dates in the fall followed by a short west coast tour in the new year.

Watch the first video premier here!