Dymaxion - Untitled 7"

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New, deadstock copies of classic 7" from Dymaxion.

Dymaxion was the New York-based post-rock project of Jeremy Novak and Claudia Newell, who specialized in fusing playful sound collages with live instrumentation. They often shared Stereolab's retro-futurist obsessions, sampling old sound-effects LPs, robotic voices, and an array of vintage electronics. Most of their songs were underpinned by funky, off-kilter drum loops, and borrowed the fragmentary songwriting aesthetic of indie rockers like Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 and, by extension, cartoon experimenters Carl Stalling and Raymond Scott. In concert, a live band usually replicated the abrupt twists and turns created on the recordings via tape splicing. To this mix, Novak and Newell often added odd dialogue samples, twangy spy-soundtrack guitar, and clanging post-punk (a la the Fall or Swell Maps). The results were often comparable to electronic eccentrics like Matmos, Pram, or Stock, Hausen & Walkman, with hints of electro-acoustic post-rockers like To Rococo Rot.