Eugene Chadbourne / Amps For Christ - Split Cassette

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Eugene Chadbourne track:
Vox Apollo : "This piece is named after the Vox Apollo guitar with built in fuzz, treble and bass boost, very inventive instrument engineering."

AFC Tracks Recorded by Snarb and Snodgrass at Cucamonga Acoustic Research, Claremont, California

Trivectorial Sundown Glow :
Snarb and Snodgrass - Electronics / Oscillators
Barnes - Chocolate Bar Guitar
Chain Thrower - Percussion and Drums

Buckethead's Dream :
Snarb - Electronics / Oscillators
Chain Thrower - Bucket Percussion

Rainbow :
C. Lumpton Snodgrass - Electronics / Winds
Snarb - Electronics / Oscillators
Chain Thrower - Barnes Axewing Guitar