Extrafoxx - Love Is God Cassette

Extrafoxx - Love Is God Cassette

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Many will be familiar with Extrafoxx as a pop band led by Brisbane’s Conwae Burrell. I first caught a glimpse when he toured down to Melbourne to play an in-store at Sunshine & Grease in the CBD. The gig was fantastic, almost thrilling, he was accompanied by a good drummer, who I now recognise as Bob Vagg from Wonderfuls. Around this time a handful of people in Melbourne, me included, were turned onto The Saddest record and gave it a good belting. Here we have Love Is God, Conwae’s latest album, which follows releases on Unique Beautiful Flowers and Bedroom Suck as well as some self released material.

Conwae is such a great performer, each song has it seems a simple theme, but each time he rises to the note. He carries with him true spirit, containing such grace and a full weight. He’s right at the heart of things.

The accompaniment, Joe Alexander, drums sometimes distant sometimes strong, but altogether steady. Rollicking, happy or even sometimes unaware. A stark co-existence.

Two or three chord dedications to existing. A seldom melody ripping through your heart. It’s such a handsome tune. Talking about how unclear things can be sometimes. A strange, gripping dilemma.