Family Ravine - Leave Every Every Single You Cassette

Family Ravine - Leave Every Every Single You Cassette

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This one is the most psych folk for me, very into blending Popol Vuh soundtracks with D'Gary and Ali Farka Toure and Brit folk/Psych folk. And super into cults lately, maybe this would be the music that accompanies a dramatic life change, leaving it all behind.

Definitely was thinking and reading a lot about cults, so I kept coming back to the thinking: what would make you step away from yourself and try out a new life?

The book is autofictional (part autobiography and part fiction) following that train of thought of wanting to leave your current self and start over/anew.

As with the book, the music takes on a similar loner feeling for me, blending reality and dreams and heavy thoughts on consciousness. I've had a lot of insomnia the last year and a lot of the dream-real split comes from that, so layers of isolation and depression find a way to get real when you're writing at night half-asleep, and even start to take over your thinking every day. The record definitely isn't a concept record but joining a cult works as a great metaphor for supreme loner detachment.

PS - I don't want to join a cult!

Family Ravine is the latest solo moniker of Kevin Cahill, who has previously issued work in various solo and collaborative projects, namely East of the Valley Blues and Downer Canada. Cahill has also had a key role in running the Power Moves Library imprint, and the offshoot Excavation Series, from his home in Toronto, Ontario. Leave Every Every Single You is his first proper full-length as Family Ravine after a split release with Talugung in 2019. The first 25 orders of Leave Every Every Single You come with a 50-page companion chapbook of writings penned by Cahill.