Friendly Boyfriend - Pick Up! 7"

Friendly Boyfriend - Pick Up! 7"

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Pick Up!
That's exactly what you should do - pick up!

Previously known as The Ground Pounders - Vihtori & Tyra Hasselrot Uksila have taken their lofi industrial-jangle pop to new realms, embracing their pop-roots to 100%.
With the base of GP still intact, it's been colored with all the things which makes Happiest Place tick - hooky melodies, harmonies & wall-of-sound! The mind looks for a reference point - NZ noise pop, the contemporary Gothenburg circle, perhaps a Big Star on nitrous oxide(?)!

So once again - Happiest Place Records brings you the most perfect pop single out of Scandinavia this year! Four tracks of pure distorted pop bliss!

For fans of: The brother Kilgours, Guided By Voices, Pumice, corrupted Beat Happenings, Vaselines & Galaxie 500.