Goosewind - Kat Lights Cassette

Goosewind - Kat Lights Cassette

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jen preciado - drums, percussion, bass, vocals, guitar
rick goosewind - guitar, vocals, bass, drums
melody kriesel - bass & vocals, contributing lyricist on scenic route
russ buchanan - bass on ace is wild
maddelline grea - vocals on fever pitch
roger preciado - bass on scenic route
speakeasy chorus on kat lights - julia, julian, john, rick, smokey & marilyn

fever pitch - music & lyrics by : scott feemaster and ian smith (halo)

making our dreams come true - music & lyrics by : charles fox and norman gimbal

amor eterno - music & lyrics by : juan gabriel

cover photos by : julian cuellar
lettering and graphic design by : melody kriesal

eternal love to katarina.
may you find a strong voice in the realm of your choice.