Goosewind - The Miracle of Tape CD (Preorder)

Goosewind - The Miracle of Tape CD (Preorder)

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Shrimper Records and Tapes
SHR 215
Street date: April 19th (will ship all preorders before the street date)

The only constant in the Goosewind universe, from their first recordings on
Shrimper more than thirty years ago to the winding spool that is their latest full-
length record The Miracle of Tape, is the musical universe that belongs to them,
and them only. Like Prince, Beefheart or maybe Rudolph Grey, their music is
unique not just because it escapes the tether of genre, but because it is imbued
with so many of them without becoming a slop bowl of mushy peas and carrots.
The follow-up to “Grateful 4 the Times We Share” cassette-only release on
Shrimper from 2022 veers even further out into the ether with songs landing in
between pirate radio commercials cooked up by Rick Goosewind and Melody
Kriesel. A fool would try to describe the myriad of sound caught on magnetic tape
purchased from a Sonic Youth garage sale, so let us go with that truth and state
that this record is exactly what one might think would land on those analog reels.
No digital trickery here man, the masters are painting with rocks, minerals, earth,
and bone on an 8-track capturing breath in real time.

Miracle Of Tape
Broken Hearts Club
Murphy’s Law
Rest Stop Tree
Fever Pitch
It’s Always 11.45
Tater Taunt
Lime Time With Clementine
Rich Metal
Transylvania Airlines
Tourettes Of The Feet
Caddy Smells Like Trees