Jessica Bailiff - Old Things CD

Jessica Bailiff - Old Things CD

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This record is a collection of rare and unreleased material, mostly recorded between the release of her second and third album. As such, it can be seen as the missing link between the rather droney second record, and the starker Jessica Bailiff record.

This is more than 'just' a collection of older material: this records explains why it took her so long to finish her third record: she was also working on these gems which form a regular full length on their own.

Songs like Your sounds make patterns in my eyes or Maybe tomorrow have the familiar sound of her first records, but already hint in the direction of the more folky current sound. Whereas a song like Let time breathe definitely is an example of her more direct approach, it still echoes her freeform guitarsongs. The best of two worlds.

Most of the songs were recorded by Jessica at home. Jesse Edwards, with whom she also records as the duo Northern song dynasty, plays on two songs. Crush was recorded by Alan Sparhawk (of Low), who also plays electric 12-string guitar on that track. 

The cd comes in a beautiful full colour gatefold packaging.