Magnetic Ghost - Pixels LP

Magnetic Ghost - Pixels LP

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Magnetic Ghost, the project of Minneapolis musician Andrew Larson, is an ever-evolving amorphous beast, which constantly changes size, form and sound from release to release. From barrages of post-rock noise to lo-fi loner psych and ethereal space folk, Larson’s Magnetic Ghost possesses a vast and vibrant sonic spectrum. Yet he might have reached an artistic peak with Pixels, which is perhaps his most accessible and profound record to date.

Larson steers the ship that is Magnetic Ghost through complex experimental-pop (“Does it Dream?”), baroque-shoegaze hybrids (“Reality Distortion Field”) and euphoric moments of psychedelic sunshine (“Delete”), all while retaining a singular and unique vision.

Throughout the album, Larson proves himself to be a jack-of-all-trades in the studio, with vocals, acoustic, electric, and bowed guitars, pedal steel, synth, bass, percussion, and drums all included amongst his credits. Holly Habstritt-Gaal, another regular member of the Magnetic Ghost crew, also lends her stellar voice and amplified hard drive to the proceedings.

Larson and Habstritt-Gaal together conjure up images and atmospheres of barren icy landscapes, shimmering cosmic oceans informed by a world disintegrating socially and politically, byte by byte, pixel by pixel. The pair constructed this wistful, otherworldly sonic universe at Larson’s Magnetic Mansion studio with additional tracking from Habstritt-Gaal in Amsterdam, NL. The LP was mixed Neil Weir and Larson at Blue Bell Knoll in Minneapolis, MN.

Dive into Magnetic Ghost’s celestial ether and dive in deep.

This album is co-released by Magnetic Ghost and Round Bale Recordings.