Michael Morley - The Lake LP

Michael Morley - The Lake LP

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Where’d you make this album?

At My Pit — the same studio I used for Moonrise and The Lake, and a bunch of other releases from the last few years…. [Everything was] recorded on the 8 December 2016, from about 1 PM through to about 3:30 PM…, in the sequence that is on the 2xLP. I had been concentrating on recording 90-plus-minute sections of acoustic guitar from October through to December. I had about ten hours of material to review but wanted to keep the daily sessions together if I could. I chose two different days of recordings and sent them to Peter Kolovos for his response. I had no way of gauging what anything sounded like by that time.

I have developed a technique of changing the conditions for each recording session, changing the microphone placement in the room, changing my position in the room, using different chairs for different seating positions and different ways to hold and support the guitar. So while the basic structure remains the same for each session, the conditions under which they were made … change[d] for each session. This approach is not “gear-heavy.” One or two microphones and a guitar. There are no amplifiers, no effects, nothing to distract from that tone of the 12-string acoustic.

(excerpt from Seymour Glass' interview with Michael from 2019.)