Refrigerator - Get Lost LP (Pre-order)

Refrigerator - Get Lost LP (Pre-order)

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Refrigerator "Get Lost" LP
Shrimper/Grapefruit SHR 214/GY14-5
Street Date August 23rd

Watch new video for Fire on 12th Street HERE!

The fifteenth record by Refrigerator marries the two worlds that the band has come to be known for, the wild improvisational strings caught by drums on a vocal harmony and that of their minimal torch song balladering. The core line up for over thirty years of Chris Jones on drums and the Callaci brothers reamains intact, as does bass player Daniel Brodo's bass playing which has been a part of the Refrigerator sound for over twenty five years. Joined on the previous record, 2021's So Long to Farewell by Wckr Spgt guitarist Mark Givens, the five piece's dual guitar attack is on full display on side one of the new
record Get Lost, sky clearing for a more studied, quieter side two that features saxophone and trombone, a live to one track recording and Mott the Hoople heartache.
Recorded once again by Steve Folta, the new record book ends the band's previous effort both audibly and visually as Jean Smith's previous cover art gives way to Jad Fair's work for the sleeve of the new record. This is a limited edition vinyl pressing to be followed by a CD and some sort of wind up nickel and dime tin can string version in the years to come. Members of Refrigerator will be doing pop us surprise dates in Japan, Norway, Scotland, Canada and Mexico as well as dates scattered throughout the US as a five piece in support of the new record.

Fire on 12th Street
Get Lost
No Chance of Clouds
Look How Far We've Come
Hey Natalie
The New You
Glendora Gone Refrain (William Wegman)

The Other Night
The Monster Dawn
Glendora Gone
On Bloodied Knee
Forty Days