Son, Ambulance - Euphemystic LP

Son, Ambulance - Euphemystic LP

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Son Ambulance exploded onto the scene earlier this year by appearing opposite Bright Eyes on the split release Oh Holy Fools - The Music of Son Ambulance and Bright Eyes.

Joe Knapp and company brought their youthful and refreshing take on songwriting to that release, and continue in similiar fashion with their debut full-length Euphemystic. Joe's positive outlook and childlike optimism is most apparent in the playfulness of "I'll Promise You Will Never Grow Old", yet still noticable in the spanish/bossanova influenced "Maria in Motion", the lushly orchestrated "Book Laid on its Binding", and in the Beach Boys-esque harmonies of "An Instant Birth".

This eclectic songwriting style shows many influences, but the subtle underlying vibe of a 70's piano man songwriter prevails on the multi-layered keyboard-driven tracks, as well as the stripped down voice and piano songs.

Joe is backed by the minimilistic techniques of bassist Robert Little, drummer Jeff Koster, and keyboardist Jeff Tafolla.