The Iditarod - Kleine CD

The Iditarod - Kleine CD

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Kleine was released in 2002 on tape only. Though it was recorded over the course of five years, this is probably their most coherent output – the record starts with mostly acoustic parts, mixed with more psychedelic parts all into a whole. Towards the end, the more direct songs merge perfectly with the tape and drone experiments.

On this record, Karin and Jeffrey get support from an impressive list of guest musicians: Alastair Galbraith on violin, B’Eirth (In Gowan Ring, Birch Book) on harp, Margie Wienk (Fern Knight) on ‘cello and Matt Everett (Bonnie Prince Billy, Espers) on violin.

Kleine came out around the same time as their second cd ,,The ghost the elf the cat and the angel’’, but shows a more experimental and personal side of Iditarod. Therefore, it’s probably the best hidden gem the band has ever put out.

This cd re-release comes in a unique cardboard packaging, based on the original arwork.