Baird Sisters - Until You Find Your Green CD

Baird Sisters - Until You Find Your Green CD

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Considering they've collaborated ever since they were kids living
under the same roof, The Baird Sisters arguably could have made an
album like Until You Find Your Green years ago. They released two live
recordings (the first recorded by their dad) and made plenty of demos,
but this marks the first time Laura and Meg Baird decided to gradually
write and record a full-length on their own terms. The songs, recorded
in Laura’s house, result in a familial intimacy joined by skillful
depth, the ideal blend for a folk record, an equal mix of comfort and

Growing up surrounded by music, the sisters have traveled separate
paths while remaining close. Laura studied piano and trombone in
school and has collaborated with Glenn Jones on his recent releases.
Meg has played in Espers, Watery Love, and currently drums/sings in
Heron Oblivion. She’s also released a few solo albums on Drag
City--fear not, as Laura's first solo record will be released by us
early next year!

Through this independent experience, their work has evolved as The
Baird Sisters, reaching its apex with Until You Find Your Green. These
recordings capture the complexity of seventies progressive folk rock,
emphasizing acoustic instrumentation with a lack of self-consciousness
that can only come from a private domestic environment. Meg plays
guitar, Laura banjo, singing in harmony, and ornamenting their songs
with flute, cello, fiddle, mandolin, upright bass, percussion and a
cricket chorus.

Green's recordings have as much in common with Molly Drake and Emahoy
Tsegué-Mariam Guebrù as with Pentangle and Shirley Collins.  They seem
traditional, but that’s deceptive, as they unfold in greater depths
the deeper attention you pay them.

Originally released exclusively to members of Grapefruit Record Club,
Until You Find Your Green has been repressed with new artwork and is
available for the first time on CD and Digital.