Banana - Some Kind Of Telling Cassette

Banana - Some Kind Of Telling Cassette

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After a duo cassette release under their own names on moremars label in 2021, MP Hopkins and Alexandra Spence solidify their continued collaboration with a 4 track cassette on Infant Tree under the name 'Banana'. 

Providing the simple text 'Blowing into playback remembrances. Rescription. Some kind of telling.' 

Banana seem to improvise in space, with considered timing, to-hand objects and bursts of feedback, voice and hidden instrumentation. The tape rings of previous releases of theirs such as MP Hopkins solo LP 'Blue-Lie Half Breath' on Penultimate Press or Alexandra Spence's 'a veil, the sea'. I hear nods to the 'Onkyo' scene in the whistling feedback and stark spaces. Comparisons to works by Akio Suzuki & David Toop seem plausible, but fail to capture the unique and captivating head space these pieces put you in. A playful dance between escapism and the everyday.

On professionally dubbed tapes with on-body printing and full colour j-card. 

Mastered by Lou Pennington.