Bilders - Mindful (Expanded) Cassette

Bilders - Mindful (Expanded) Cassette

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Jon Evans- Synth and Recording
Dave Allen- Electric Guitar
Fred Morvan (RIP)- Beatbox
Bill Direen- Words and Acoustic Guitar

were joined by Thom Thom Geigenschrey- E-Violin
Matt Swanson-Guest bass A5

Recorded at Ray Studio (Gunther Dietrich), Berlin 7-11.3.2008
Mastered by Alex McManus

Songs were written by BD, JE, FM and DA

A3 & A6: BD, TTG
A4: Bilders/anon. 13th century c)
A5, A7, B4, B7 & B9: BD
B5: BD/grateful acknowledgement Estate og W.H.Auden
B8: Bilders/Charles Baudelaire

"Mindful" was first released on Powertool Records in 2010 (CDR),
the 2023 Thokei Tapes Release is the expanded Version of the Album,
incl. Remixes, diff. Versions and an extremely good Sound.

Remix: A1/A8/B3/B10
Full Version: A2
New From Original Tapes: A5/A7/B7/B8

Berlin Bilders 2008

In 2008 Pascal Lacore had the idea of bringing together some musicians
for a meeting, with the idea that he would manage an eventual group,
bringing their music to a wider audience. Pascal Lacore arranged a
meeting in Berlin for May, and I made the trip over. The core would be:
Jon Evans, keyboards, Fred Morvan, beatbox, myself.

An initial meeting at a bar in Prenzlauerberg was not fully attended. At
this stage Gunther Dietrich, editor of Photo Edition Berlin, so arranged
it that his Gallery space (which was empty that week) was available for
us to use.

Jon Evans arrived with keyboard-synthesiser and session amps, and with
his friend (and fellow Australian ex-patriate in Berlin) Dave Allen
(guitarist). We set to work, to try to marry our different styles.

Fred arrived soon afterewards. If he had roots in punk it was not
strictly what we know as French Punk at all. His beats had a cutting
urgency about them, when they were not more ambient in a sensually
evocative way.

After a few jams we seemed to have the basis of a group. I invited
Thom-Thom Geigenshrey, who arrived one day with one of his children, and
played improvisation and colouring. In the weeks that followed,Pascal’s
management company disappeared from the map, and it appeared that our
recordings was not going to be followed by any gigs.

But we had the recordings.

-Bill Direen-