Bingo Trappers - Elizabethan LP

Bingo Trappers - Elizabethan LP

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Extremely limited vinyl-only new album from our Dutch classic rock heroes, the Bingo Trappers. The duo of Waldemar Noë and Wim Elzinga have been otherwise known as the Bingo Trappers since their debut in 1995 and have released music on every format known to indie rock DYI culture in the intervening years. Only three of their albums have made it to vinyl, unfortunately, so this release is cause for real celebration. Elizabethan is their eleventh full-length (& their first album in six years) and it's yet another countrified pop masterpiece. There will only be 100 copies to circulate in the United States.  Comes in screen-printed jackets with download code in a limited run of 275.

From Waldemar:
Lately, a friend asked me: tell me, what are Elizabethan eyes? And I answered: oh, I don’t know.  Really? Yeah, really. Oh, okay. But behind every truth there lies a lie – some big, some small, but they’re always there. Or a story. On our new album Elizabethan there’s a song called ‘Don’t steal my line’, and in that song there’s the line ‘when I see your Elizabethan eyes’. What I had in mind while writing that song was the movie Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The mere power of speech – a fighting couple, killing each other with words (I grew up with a fighting couple, they happened to be my parents). Yes, Elizabethan eyes could also involve the infinite gaze of William Shakespeare…

And here’s a very short story. We had these plays on high school, and I had a scene with this classmate who was so nervous at showtime that she started saying my lines – as well as her lines, of course. So I had nothing to say. Anyhow, the Bingo trappers are very proud to present their new album Elizabethan (a co-production of Morc Records, Almost Halloween Time, Unread and Grapefruit Records – thank you again, Wim, Luigi, Chris and Simon). 

Catalog numbers: Grapefruit (GY8-4), Morc Tapes (Morc 76), Unread (#240), Almost Halloween Time (AHT 069)
For fans of: Muswell Hillbillies era Kinks, 60's pop, hooks and riffs, literary lyrics, great music!