Bingo Trappers - Giddy Wishes LP

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About Giddy Wishes, the new Bingo Trappers album....

It’s been almost two years since the release of predecessor Elizabethan. A stretch that seems much longer, due to pandemic circumstances. These were hard to ignore when I drove at the beginning of April through eerie empty streets to Wim’s house to record the last two songs of our new album Giddy Wishes, ‘What’s the Score’ and ‘Signature Style’ – what a surrealistic biking trip that was. The latter with a seemingly prophetic last line: we gotta stay here for a while, while the other song was originally called ‘2020 Sessions,’ about the confusing struggle with the ever-consuming ways of communication on the internet. We changed the title of the song and skipped the mention of this weird year, somehow this order of digits didn’t feel right… When we finished recording we talked about a proper album title and somehow came upon the idea of an old-fashioned postcard: some giddy wishes from a confined place – mind and heart are free to travel from A to B. Straight on. That’s exactly what we try to achieve with the Bingo Trappers: sixties/seventies-based songs with a twang and a poppy stamp. To reach you plain and pure. So here are ten brand new songs, this is our score. 

-Waldemar Noë

The Amsterdam-based Bingo Trappers is the moniker of the prolific bond between songwriter Waldemar Noë and allround-musician and arranger/producer Wim Elzinga. Since their first release in 1995 – the cassette More Soul on the legendary Shrimper label – they have released a steady stream of would-be classic albums on a number of independent labels.

Giddy Wishes is vinyl-only and limited to 330, with screen-printed jackets and lyric inserts.