ANMLPLNET - Fall Asleep LP

ANMLPLNET - Fall Asleep LP

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Nobody is more surprised about having created a full ANMLPLNET album
than the group itself: Slothrust leader Leah Wellbaum and
drummer/singer Mickey Vershbow. The two met while they were both
immersed in the Boston music scene, and then went on to pursue
separate musical careers on opposite coasts. The project and debut LP
truly displays their magnetic musical bond, even while withstanding
physical distance and hectic schedules. The band was formed originally
on four disparate rules:

1. Always drink absinthe while rehearsing.
2. Write lyrics that are antonymic translations, meaning nouns,
adjectives and verbs were replaced with their antonyms.
3. Play songs straight through as one giant piece, no breaks.
4. Accept mostly unusual gigs, like their performances at a Dorchester
rave and in a wooden shack on the tiny Star Island off New Hampshire.

Yeah, sure, so many bands have used these same precepts for vast
success, so what? Even while seeking to create a dream-like
soundscape, ANMLPLNET is surprisingly gimmick-free music being, both
epochal in scope and surprisingly melodic. Their goal is to explore
the space between songwriting and improvisation, and the result is an
uncontrived melding of their personal styles and technical mastery of
their instruments. Wellbaum and Vershbow basically plan, dig, then
embark on a fresh road towards rock brilliance. Fall Asleep is their
debut album and the first 500 copies are pressed on unique gold marble

All tracks engineered and mixed by Andy Petr at Dangerbird Studios,
except “I Was Fucked By A Cloud” and “20,000 Leagues Underneath The
Serpent,” which were engineered and mixed by Carlos Hernandez at
Gravesend Recordings.

Mastered by Joseph Saliba.

Songs by Leah Wellbaum and Mickey Vershbow, except “Ride,” written by
Lana del Rey and Justin Parker.

Cover art: “A Horse Listens To The Forest… Birds, Crickets, Frogs.” by
Benjamin Styer.