Daniel Meadows — Graffiti 1971–1983 PHOTO BOOK/ZINE

Daniel Meadows — Graffiti 1971–1983 PHOTO BOOK/ZINE

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Café Royal Books is a publishing house based in Southport, UK, founded in 2005 by Craig Atkinson.

Daniel Meadows — Graffiti 1971–1983 

36 pages
printed and manufactured in England
staple bound
14cm x 20cm

second edition, first published 2018

I worry about it. I hate it. The offence, the racist and homophobic stuff. But that doesn’t mean I want to withdraw any of it. Fact is, this is a study of what was out there. Don’t look back? I certainly don’t regret that I bothered to notice, be a witness. Like the moving finger and the writing on the wall — numbering the days of our kingdom, weighing us in the balance, finding us wanting — these pictures are a time travel Twitter feed into the heads of the angry, disaffected, pissed, pissed-off, self-righteous and yes... even some that were elated too. All from forty years ago but still ringing bells, God save us.

Daniel Meadows. 2018