Dead C - Deux Nuit A Paris 2xCD (ltd to 300)

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Emerging from the ethereal realms of sonic mastery, New Zealand’s most audacious experimental outfit, The Dead C, presents ‘DEUX NUITS A PARIS’, two com-
plete live sets that ensnares and exemplifies their ever-evolving sonic journey.

From the pulsating metaphysical city of Dunedin, the band - Bruce Russell, Mi-
chael Morley, and Robbie Yeats - became a testament to the country’s under-
ground music scene, stirring the waters with their unorthodox sound landscapes
since the late ‘80s. Profoundly philosophical and unapologetically experimental, The
Dead C gracefully brush strokes onto the canvas of sound that are those recordings.

This double live album is not merely a recollection of a time and place but an exhibi-
tion of raw energy, spontaneous creativity, and the irreplaceable reverberations of im-
provisation and somehow, songs. The Dead C. places the listener at the center of a spira-
ling vortex of fractured guitar notes, sprawling feedback, cathartic drums manipulations
and enigmatic, submerged lyrics -- a complete immersion into their aural architecture.
Each night is a journey towards the unknown, challenging the listener to embrace the
implicit tension between the familiar and the strange. Experiencing this double live re-
cording which happened in Paris at the iconic venue LES INSTANTS CHAVIRES, is wa-
ding through streams of consciousness, where every moment springs forth a new senso-
ry revelation, the echoes of sonic experimentation ricocheting off the walls of reality.

The atmosphere thickens and lightens, enveloped in the three-piece’s enthralling ability to balance raw chaotic dissonance with a overwhelming overall flow of unfiltered expression.

Robbie Yeats : batterie
Michael Morley : guitare électrique, synthétiseur et chant
Bruce Russell: guitare électrique et synthétiseur

Premier disque : Première soirée de concert, cinq chansons
Deuxième disque : Deuxième soirée de concert, huit chansons
Concerts aux Instants Chavirés les 16 et 17 juin 2023,
Enregistrés et mixés par Benjamin Pagier.
Photographies de Hans van der Linden.
Layout Francisco Meirino.

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