Dennis Callaci - A Bed of Light CD

Dennis Callaci - A Bed of Light CD

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Over the course of 25+ years, Dennis Callaci has written and performed in the band Refrigerator, while also recording solo under such aliases as Paste, Puffy and other even poorer name choices. Callaci has also collaborated on records with John Davis, Simon Joyner, and others, but A Bed of Light is his first true solo album.

Six of these nine tracks were recorded by Jarvis Taveniere (Woods and producer of Woods, Sunflower Bean, Martin Courtney), who also plays drums, bass and guitar. A Bed Of Light also features Simon Joyner and his current band, with recordings and overdubs done in Omaha by Mike Friedman and Joyner. Many of these tracks were recorded months after Callaci’s brother Allen, lead singer of Refrigerator, had a sudden harrowing sickness followed by a successful heart transplant.

The record is equal parts pastoral and primitive stomp. Autoharp, lap steel, cello and violin are complemented by cranky electric guitars pinned to ten in the mix, primitive drum machines and phantom saxophones. This is not a solo auteur album, though Callaci did pull a half-Prince by writing, singing and playing on every song as well as doing the cover art and writing a piss take essay on the insert!

1. Theresa Russell
2. Birthday Poems
3. SOS
4. Keychain Trophy
5. Unlanding
6. Arc Of A Diver
7. Faultline
8. Houdini
9. In Wait