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In Dennis Callaci’s third book, Lost Reflection, the author has assembled seven short stories that are sewn together with characters whose reflections on the past are not to be trusted. Tug at the seams of the book to find the connective tissue—a clone of a character in one story appearing with an assumed name in the next, a reinterpretation of previous events here and again there. Or pay no mind to the lost echo searching eternally.

Dennis Callaci was born in Corona, California and has bounced around Southern California his entire life. He has issued hundreds of recordings over the last three decades on his record label Shrimper, noted for bringing forth the earliest recordings from Amps For Christ, Woods, Franklin Bruno, Wckr Spgt, Lou Barlow's Sentridoh, The Mountain Goats, and a myriad of others. He is in the band Refrigerator, who have released thirteen records over those thirty years as well as a plethora of solo recordings of his own. Callaci's first book, 100 Cassettes was issued by Pelekinesis in 2020 followed by a book of short stories on Bamboo Dart Press in 2021, Five Ghost Stories. He can currently be heard on his radio show with cohort Bill Chen on KSPC weekly.