Dennis Callaci - Ones and Zeros CASSETTE

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SHR 217
Shrimper Records
Street date: July 14, 2023

Since Dennis Callaci’s last solo record nearly four years ago, he has recorded and released a record with John
Davis of The Folk Implosion (Arches and Pathways), Refrigerator (So Long to Farewell) as well as issuing a few
books of short stories on Bamboo Dart Press. With records taking calendar months and sometimes years to
complete (There are a slew of new records he has recorded/is recording in various states of dress with Italy’s
Heimito Kunst, Refrigerator, Lonnie Methe and Jonathan Lethem due over the next year), this new recording was
written and recorded over the course of a week in June of this year. Comprised of two fifteen minute plus songs,
this record pulls, obfuscates and blends stripped acoustic and squealing guitar noise, drum machine bleed and up
front vocals recalling more the earlier cassette recordings on Shrimper from the mid 90’s than his latter work.
Each track recorded live and then overdubbed in another live full take. Strictly limited edition of 100 copies with
unique sticker artwork.

Side One:
Side Two: