Emily Roll - People Come And Go Cassette

Emily Roll - People Come And Go Cassette

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Emily Roll's spoken word and performance art have been a highlight of this label since their first contribution under the name Haunted appeared in our 2014 FITS art show. Fearless and direct but underscored by compassion, Emily's sometimes grizzled sound poetry is always guided by a desire to understand, to connect.

"People Come & Go" sees Emily stepping out under their given name for the first time, after sharing most of their work under the name Haunted. Where recent Haunted tapes (and the brilliant 2019 split LP with Comme à la Radio) experimented with more nuanced musical elements or digital manipulation of the human voice, these brief pieces recall the intensity and bluntness of Emily's earliest recordings.

Backgrounds of static loops, phones off the hook or drips from leaky roofs cower beneath spoken fragments, everything jammed through tape delay. It's a sound that's crusty and caustic, but never allows the noise to overtake the content of the words. Old wounds, unhealed trauma, boring afternoons, dead memories, frustration and sexual deviancy all boil directly to the top of the cauldron. When side A finishes, side B plays it all back in reverse.

Emily also plays in XV.

Pro-duplicated, shrinkwrapped blue cassettes.