Gabie Strong - Sacred Datura/Peaked Experience LP

Gabie Strong - Sacred Datura/Peaked Experience LP

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Sacred Datura/Peaked Experience is a full length LP by Gabie Strong in colored sleeve with printed insert. Limited edition of 300 copies.  Gabie Strong is an interdisciplinary artist, DJ, experimental musician, and educator exploring the politicized female body through sound performance and visual art. She teaches courses in community art, radio, and the politics of landscape. She is also the head of the Crystalline Morphologies label. We at Grapefruit are excited to be carrying several of her label's releases.

Crystalline Morphologies is a publishing label run by artist Gabie Strong with a curatorial focus on experimental, drone and noise music:

I started Crystalline Morphologies as a publishing label in 2016 after curating a radio program of the same name on Kchung Radio for several years. My primary energy is devoted to releasing unclassifiable and improvised work by underrepresented Los Angeles women artists and allies, whose contributions are too often overlooked in the context of avant-garde music. 

Crystalline Morphologies references the mineralogical process of crystal growth - the process by which organic materials take shape under the influence of environment and time.

As a musical concept, it speaks to the self-reflexive dialectic formed between structured electronic composition and improvisational performative acts as they unfold in the moment.