Good Horsey - Inner Truth LP

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AHT 058 – Limited Edition of 104 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

It is no secret that I’m a huge fan of Mark Szabo and I’ve been desperately trying to contact him for years, like a truffle hunter. The opportunity to talk to him came unexpectedly last year when a friend of mine posted on facebook the picture of a mysterious tape by Mark called Szabotage. This tape was missing in my collection and I asked him info. Then I got his address from another friend and I sent him a letter, rigorously hand written where I requested a a copy of Szabotage and I offered myself to release his next album. When he wrote me back I was over the moon. The opportunity to listen to some new material by Mark and the promise of more to come. Mark had accepted my offer to release his next album and after a few months I received a collection of songs by one of my favourite Szabo’s incarnations: Good Horsey. I could have never hoped for more. New Good Horsey stuff, a collection of songs that had been apparently lying in a drawer for years waiting for a small Italian record label to release them in 2017.

released November 28, 2017