Goosewind - Grateful 4 The Times We Share Cassette

Goosewind - Grateful 4 The Times We Share Cassette

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Grateful 4 the Times We Share is Goosewind’s first release on Shrimper in nearly thirty years. An emotional and fitting return that features players that have been associated in the orbit of Rick Goosewind over that time span including Melody Kriesel, Maddelleine Grae, Ruben Seahag, Thomas Spectre, Garrett Dunn and Allen Callaci of Refrigerator dueting on a Blind Willie Johnson cover. The cassette spans the folk and psych roots, dark and light and otherworldliness that the band has inhabited over all those decades with odes to all that is gone and praise for the hard fought for that remains. Rick Goosewind orchestrates a tour of time as he hears it from the far back of his past to the present. Hand numbered limited edition of 100 copies featuring cover art by Dennis Callaci.

Side One

Shadow Mirror Raps
Boogie Without Borders
Can’t Buy a Tiger’s Eye
Cloud Control
Dark was the Night (Blind Willie Johnson)
Ammonia ‘22

Side Two

Heaven (Jagger/Richards)
Planet Kat
You Zig and You Zag
A Night Like This (Robert Smith)