Jenn Grant - Paradise CD

Jenn Grant - Paradise CD

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Jenn Grant’s Paradise opens into an expanded realm never before explored by the songwriter. Following Compostela’s 2015’s Juno nominations of Triple A Album Of The Year and Songwriter Of The Year, Paradise offers Grant’s usual insight and intimacy, but adds a whole new dimension of wisdom. On Paradise, songs unfold gradually, guided by her nuanced and soulful voice, mining a deepened honesty that touches upon balladry, R&B and folk music along the way.

If Compostela was a window into an artist’s psyche, Paradise is a front row ticket to the symphonic beauty and pain of life -- the things that touch us all – from the sage perspective of someone who has lived through both extremes. With her poetry firmly intact, a powerful lyricism that she’s honed over a decade, Jenn Grant took new chances and explored new approaches while creating Paradise. She upended her entire songwriting approach, investing two years of crafting and shaping.

“I wanted to explore new soundscapes,” she says, launching into describing how piano was the primary songwriting instrument. Grant created new shapes and colours with an array of new instrumentation and song collaboration with producer Daniel Ledwell. “I also thought about my singing much more. I feel like I am a completely different artist from when I began performing. I don't feel like I really heard my own voice until recently. The delivery of songs has become crucial to me. For some of these new songs, I decided to approach singing more like a whisper, to get a feel for it's softness.”

Paradise’s songs reach out with a world-weary awareness. That’s most evident on lead single “Galaxies,” a song that is the aural equivalent of star-gazing. “I pictured people standing at the edge of the earth, hands outstretched, asking, ‘What is bigger than us, than this?’” Grant says. Listening to the song inspires the same awe of visiting a planetarium.

Jenn Grant reaches a shared emotional experience with these songs, and the homemade Paradise provides both melodic beauty and sonic diversity. What results is a talented, experienced musician employing all her abilities to lengths never before heard.