John Davis & Dennis Callaci - Arches & Pathways LP (w/Deluxe Option!)

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NOTE: There are two versions of this record being offered. Black vinyl with download card and insert, limited to 200 copies, and a Deluxe version on Orange/Red splattered vinyl with two one-of-a-kind poems (one by John Davis and one by Dennis Callaci), signed and numbered and suitable for framing, as well as a download link to all 200 poems written for this project. Also includes a download card for the digital of the album and album insert. 

In 1995, John Davis & Dennis Callaci improvised an LP of songs together live to one track.  Not an ambient, instrumental meander of a record, but songs complete with them there lyrics, melodies and hiccups.  In the time since that record was recorded John went on to record a follow up record with The Folk Implosion and a number of solo records.  Callaci continued recording records with Refrigerator as well as solo records.

Over three days in July of last year, the two songwriters improvised this record, “Arches & Pathways” in the same manner, excepting that there was an engineer on hand and the thing was recorded in Hi-fi.  Songs were recorded, layered, overdubbed, scratched in real time, with the two of them sharing vocal & guitar duties.  Additionally, John’s drumming add that left bank swing to the stands, and the Callaci piano dust is shaken from the ivories.  The result is an expansive record that is equal parts pop melody and avant-en-garde living inside one another, not side-stepping for a bit of this or that between the dead wax grooves.

Late spring tour?  Hey 19, maybe.