Nein Rodere - Catch Up With What Party + LP

Nein Rodere - Catch Up With What Party + LP

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The first full-length vinyl outing from Berlin-based musician and visual artist David Roeder.

The LP features original and re-worked tracks from his previous self-released tapes as well as new material.

A gateway to the work of this shape-shifting artist whose Pessoan approach presents us with 23 tracks ranging from ensemble pieces, bedroom pop, field recordings, improvisations and electronics. Disparate elements unified by a layered, textural and DIY approach to sound. Indeed, the whole is something besides the parts.

Reminds in places of early Smog, Letha Rodman Melchior, Dean Blunt and Peter Jefferies.

Presented on black vinyl in a spot-gloss cover with A4 riso insert and A6 booklet designed by the artist.