Peter Jefferies - Last Ticket Home LP

Peter Jefferies - Last Ticket Home LP

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Peter Jefferies, a living legend of New Zealand underground music, from his seminal bands Nocturnal Projections and This Kind of Punishment, to his collaborative efforts in bands such as Plagal Grind and Two Foot Flame, is perhaps best known for his solo work on masterpieces such as “The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World” (1990) and “Electricity” (1994), as well as numerous other albums of his singular songcraft.

Grapefruit is proud to be releasing Jefferies’ latest, “Last Ticket Home”, which leaves the station early in his career when “The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World” left off and takes us on a guided tour of a fascinating side street via rare singles, both released and unreleased, radical live interpretations, and a wealth of never released material dating from 1991-2019. “Last Ticket Home” redefines Jefferies’ artistic journey, giving us a song cycle narrative which scorches, blisters and eventually heals on its relentless, ragged way home. "Last Ticket Home" comes in a deluxe, tip-on, old style Stoughton jacket.

As a special pre-order bonus, we are also offering an extremely limited Peter Jefferies album entitled “Clutter,” composed of entirely unreleased material. The latest installment in our Endangered Titles Series, “Clutter” is a close companion piece of “Last Ticket Home,” featuring Jefferies’ home recordings, demos, live songs, and even covers of songs by Lou Barlow, Nick Cave, and Leo Sayer!

This Lo-Fi holy grail for Jefferies’ fans will be available for additional purchase only when pre-ordering “Last Ticket Home” through the Grapefruit webstore during the pre-order period (CLUTTER NOW SOLD OUT). We are limiting “Clutter” to one copy per order and will be pressing a maximum run of 150 numbered copies. Our Endangered Titles Series limited run LPs all come in jackets with DIY aesthetics including a wraparound sticker and hand-written edition number. “Clutter” will also include an insert.