Reynols - Gona Rubian Ranesa LP

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Reynols is a storied band with endless lore. Many history lessons have been written about them, still they remain one of the world's most mysterious and challenging groups. "Gona Rubian Ranesa" is Reynols' first studio album in 17 years and it updates their classic sound to new realms of hypnotic psych-rock immersion. This record was cut by the classic Argentinian quartet of Miguel Tomasin, Anla Courtis, Rob Conlazo and Pacu Conlazo and it stands as 100% proof that Reynols are highly reinvigorated and rocking headier than ever.

Reynols stand as living legends of the international underground. Outspoken singer, drummer and spiritual architect Miguel Tomasin has Down's syndrome and shapes the band's unique and playful sense for conceptual sound art. The band has always extensively collaborated with other like-minded innovators, most notably Pauline Oliveros, The Nihilist Spasm Band, CCMC, and Acid Mothers Temple.
Reynols have recently hit headlines with their "Minexcio Emanations 1993-2018" box set as well as the Acid Mothers Reynols collab LP and film, and now "Gona Rubian Ranesa" delivers on the promise of Reynols' surprising reemergence. It is a quintessential Reynols record, both for hardcore fans and curious adventurers.

Outlier Communications is very proud to present this true masterpiece of psychedelic rock. Not only is this a career milestone for Reynols, it is undoubtedly their most accessible album to date, as sure to please casual psychedelic rock aficionados as to thrill the deepest acid/kraut addicts. Get your hands on the Alien Green vinyl... This is destined to be a classic!