Seafog - Animal Lovers 2xLP

Seafog - Animal Lovers 2xLP

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Animal Lovers is Seafog’s 3rd vinyl release following Raise Your Skinny Fist (2016) and Dig It On Up (2017), also put out on Zelle Records.

The band have come into their own continuing to use the formula of weekend garage jamming and crafting these jams into songs to bring the double album, Animal Lovers into life. Although Seafog are still magpies and obviously wear their musical influences on their collected sleeves, they have a unique sound.

South Island audiences have been treated to the recorded songs played live recently with the band saying they have played some of their best gigs to date. Another noticeable change has been the gradual separation of the guitars and Martyn Sadler’s backing vocals giving the Port Chalmers three-piece fronted by Robin Sharma another dimension.

Once self-proclaimed as folk, punk, country rock, Seafog have formed into a sonic, assault, groove. This double album will have the answers for anyone wanting a fix into listening to something new, unique or invigorating. The band also have plans to release this epic vinyl project onto digital formats. Catch them live.