Simon Joyner - A Rag Of Colts: Disgraced Songs 1987-2012 LP

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“A Rag of Colts” is part three in the “Iffy” trilogy, all of which
were tapes first and foremost, the cheapest tour offerings for the
skeptical or nearly busted, who tend to drain their money on drinks
and tips but can still be persuaded (at the right price) to purchase
some music before see-sawing down the sidewalk. It’s some kinda mess, it’s my youth in splinters and crawling with medium and low-brow dirge and spoof, distillations from crumbling demo tapes and dubious high school juvenilia. And yet, it makes me smile that it has grooves now and Gertrude’s kiss, and that it starts with the late great
Jackson C. Frank, rest his soul but never his songs!

And here's to the explicit Danny & Simon letters, briefly excerpted
within. Kid squawk committed to tape and mailed to and from Okinawa
and Omaha, par avion, during a very difficult year long before I
learned a single chord on a Spanish guitar. Surely some god blessed
those staggered envelopes which arrived in the nick of time and
always on air, on air, on air. I had given up breakdancing on the prairie for floating on the ocean. As it turned out, neither occupation was sunset proof. And friends fade away too. Last I heard, Danny was in Vegas dealing Blackjack. Remember how some novelist from another century said you can’t go home again? What nonsense. Papa said we must, whatever it costs, and I guess this is how I do it.

-Simon Joyner, 2018


released May 1, 2018

Tracks 1, 4, 8 & 12 (2012) Tracks 2, 6 & 11 (1988) Track 5 (1995) Track 7 (1999) Tracks 9 & 10 (2003) Track 13 (2006) Track 14 (1987 vocals/guitar, 2012 bells/whistles).

All songs by Simon Joyner, Cowardly Traveller Music (BMI), except "Goodbye to My Loving You" by Jackson C. Frank. Chris Deden plays on track 3. David Nance plays on tracks 1, 4, 8 & 14. Remastered for vinyl by Alan Jones at Laminal Audio. Layout by Jonathan Boulay. Originally released on cassette on Unread Records in 2013.