Simon Joyner - Only Love Can Bring You Peace: Selected Lyrics 1990-2014 Book [3rd Edition]

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3rd Edition, inverted colors! 

For twenty-seven years, Nebraska songwriter Simon Joyner has crafted haunting, honest songs about the unsettled dust of lovers and strangers.

A pioneer of the Omaha music scene, Joyner has earned the praises of Conor Oberst, Beck, Gillian Welch, John Peel, John Darnielle, and more.

As Dennis Callaci explains in his heartfelt foreword, Joyner has spent those years and earned those praises for songs about the "sorrow and southbound turns" of "the put-upon, the tortured, builders of arcs."

Only Love Can Bring You Peace is the first selection of Simon Joyner's lyrics (assembled and edited by Simon and his wife Sara) to appear in book form, showcasing the images and characters of over 15 albums, EPs, and rare releases. 

Only Love Can Bring You Peace also features two interviews with Joyner (from Aquarium Drunkard [2015] and Circumstantial Evidence [1996]), rare liner notes, and illustrations from over a dozen guest starring friends.

Whether you're new to Joyner's work, or you've had his songs stuck in your head since 1992, this book serves as a sturdy companion to what Callaci calls "the grass, branch and bone of a lifetime." The book is perfect bound with textured jacket, 282 pages.

Cover design by Allyson Gibbs
Illustrators include:

Dennis Callaci
Robert Cook
Maryrose Crook
Jeremy Earl
Luigi Falagario
Christopher Fischer
Mark Gilbert
Laetitia Glenton
Bill Hoover
Hamish Kilgour
Joey Lynch
L. Eugene Methe
Christine Stormberg
Tinca Veerman
Paul Vogt