Untied Knot - Description Of A Flame 2xLP (Used)

Untied Knot - Description Of A Flame 2xLP (Used)

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NM/NM, vinyl looks unplayed, jacket is beautiful.

Nigel Bryant - electric guitar, bass guitar, effects, electronic organ, stylophone, percussion, glockenspiel and synthesizer module.

Matt Donovan - drum kit, synthesizer, tabla, glockenspiel, shaker, triangle, assorted percussion.
Shane Gilliver - lap steel guitar on “Legendary Fountain".

All titles were composed instantaneously by Nigel Bryant and Matt Donovan except “Legendary Fountain” by Nigel Bryant, Matt Donovan and Shane Gilliver.

Recorded at Press Play by Andy Ramsay and Block H by Nigel Bryant.
Mastered by Mark Beazley.

Artwork, photography and design by Diane Roberts Design. Photographs were taken by Robin Prime and stills taken from video shot by Nigel Bryant.

Sonic Imperfections, 2016