Wckr Spgt - Motorboat The Woe CD

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Motorboat the Woe by Wckr Spgt is the culmination of a successful fundraising campaign, a wonderfully creative experiment, and a year of hard work.

Produced and engineered by the wildly talented LA legend Geza X, these songs explore territory both familiarly challenging and challengingly familiar - "The Charles Sheen" takes its place in the "Charles Mansion" pantheon while "Aranya, The Problem-Faced Spider", a 3-part medley in less than 3 minutes, opens new vistas for exploration.

Michael Gerald, from the formidable band Killdozer, joins Joel for a duet to help you "Put a Little Love in Your Heart", and several of the promised "Future Hits" from 2010's compilation "Smooth Sounds: various artists play the future hits of Wckr Spgt" make their hitmaking debut here in the future.

All in all, this recording is a triumph of will and fortitude. And the songs are pretty good, too.