Wendell Harrison - Farewell To The Welfare LP

Wendell Harrison - Farewell To The Welfare LP

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The Tribe Records co-founder’s lost album, recorded in 1975, rumored to exist no more. Mastered from the original tapes and lacquered by Bernie Grundman.

Now-Again has reissued titles from the Tribe label, one of the brightest lights of America’s 1970s jazz underground, and one of the most meaningful, local movements of the 20th Century Black American experience. 

Included in an extensive, oversized booklet, Larry Gabriel and Jeff “Chairman” Mao take us through the history of the Tribe, in a compelling story that delves not just into the history of the label and its principals, but into the story of Black American empowerment in the latter half of the 20th Century. 

The booklet features never-before-seen archival photos and rare ephemera from Tribe’s mid-1970s heyday.

“As I thought about reflecting on an aggregate of music for this album, I projected my attitude and spirit while living and working here in Detroit. We are earning and learning a new way of life which explicitly tells us to become self-reliant in taking care of our families and each other. Government hand-outs are not an option for us.”
– Wendell Harrison