Zach Rowden - When the Gloss is Removed LP

Zach Rowden - When the Gloss is Removed LP

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“When The Gloss is Removed,” Zach Rowden’s first solo LP, exemplifies Rowden’s exploratory and ever-expanding sonic palette. Decaying loops, oscillating drones, spectral cries that emerge and puncture the static, wavering textures. Seemingly disparate materials coalesce to conjure a trance-like apparitional space, a defining characteristic of both his solo music and his work alongside Henry Birdsey in Tongue Depressor.

The tracks enclosed within not only cultivate this aforementioned external space, but strive to initiate a sonic excavation of one’s own interiority, exhuming that which is concealed in silence.

A half-dulled sensation, a whimper of memory.
Walking the dead.

As the world continues its headlong rush into oblivion, there are those who remain steadfast in their resolve to burrow deep, and pursue the unheard-of harbored within. To articulate the not-quite-yet. To awaken what is always there.

From within the muck, surges forth a defiant cry:
I’m Still Listening.

- Adam Buffington